What Makes Hospital Administration From TISS Different From Any Other Institute

Master of Hospital Administration (MHA) at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) is one of the most interesting fields one can choose for their career. It not only has interesting job opportunities, but the curriculum is also quite interesting. The MHA has its own uniqueness and at the same time, the TISS brand name and the atmosphere give it a social background which many colleges at the top levels lack to provide.

The MHA in TISS has 4 semesters and 3 internships, which are divided into two years. The 1st-semester tests one’s knowledge about the society and gives more understanding of the same, which is known as the Foundation Course in TISS. The foundation course covers all topics which a normal person will come across in their life, so in a way, a person from a medical or engineering background can study the topics which are taught to the student from Arts and Commerce backgrounds. The blend of different topics in the course makes TISS students different from any other institution.

Other than that, the 1st semester also taught MHA students, along with public health students, about the overall health sector scenario and how one should make sure to provide equal opportunities to all. It also has two research subjects which focus on the technical aspects of the research process. If I am not wrong, MHA from TISS is the only course which has a research paper to be a part of its curriculum, as 2 subjects are completely devoted to that.

In the 2nd semester, one gets the exposure of the departments in a hospital and how a hospital works. It includes Clinical Departments, Supportive Departments, Managerial Accounting and Hospital Planning. The Planning of the hospital is the most crucial part of the 2nd semester and one can go through the actual working of any Tertiary care or Specialized or Multispecialty hospital, which is the most important part of an administrator the students should know about.

This is some of the interesting knowhow of the Master of Hospital Administration course at TISS. I will talk about the internship scenario and job opportunities in the next article. If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

Omkar Shinde

I am pursuing Master of Hospital Administration from TISS, Mumbai. I am a commerce graduate and PG in MA (Political Science) from University of Pune.


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