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IIM Shillong


IIM Shillong, established in 2008, is located in the 'Scotland of the East', Meghalaya. IIM Shillong is known for its student-driven culture, a serene and scenic campus, and the students' affinity towards golf. Each year, the Annual Golf Cup tournament is conducted at IIM-S, which sees participation from golfing professionals and golf enthusiasts. IIM Shillong, currently operating out of a temporary campus, will soon be shifting to a 120-acre permanent campus on the outskirts of Shillong.


The USP of IIM Shillong, in addition to its serene location, is the student-driven culture of this college, fostering a sense of independence, responsibility, and decision-making amongst young students. Students plan most of the activities on this campus, and it comes as no surprise that they become successful leaders in the corporate in the future. Apart from this, there is a healthy interaction between the seniors and juniors facilitating knowledge transfer and memorable experience on the campus.

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Courses Offered

1. PGP

The two year, full time, residential Master in Business Administration programme is designed to help in imbibing a holistic approach towards solving business and management problems.


It's a 1 year Post Graduate Program for Executives Managing Business in Emerging Economies.

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