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A Sneak Peek Into The MBA Life | Tips By IIM Students

Diversity in an MBA program is like a balanced diet. We know it is the necessary bare minimum, yet only a few MBA colleges ensure the same.

IIT Madras, Private B-Schools More Acad. Diverse Than Most IIMs | Academic Diversity Report, Class of 2021

The latest edition of the InsideIIM Academic Diversity report has brought out interesting facts and figures around diversity in Indian business schools. In terms of academic diversity within MBA batches

A Historian's Tryst With MBA | Ft. Soumya Talwar, IIM Shillong

They'll say you're not 'fit' to be a part of an IIM; they'll tell that CAT is a hard nut to crack. Oh well, after pursuing a degree in History,

Life In Lockdown, MBA After A Pandemic | Ft. Nishant Naik, IIM Shillong

It is not news that the entire world is grappling with one of the deadlier pandemics of the last few decades. Nations across the globe are imposing near-complete lockdowns, and

I Realized That Success Is A Continuous Process, Ft. Gaurav Lakhani, IIM Shillong

Accepting failures and moving on in life is something that is never taught in any school while growing up. For IIM Shillong student Gaurav Lakhani, dealing with one such failure

5 Productive Things For Aspiring MBA Candidates During The Quarantine Period | Ft. Ankita, IIM Shillong

The Coronavirus has caught us off the guard. With classes shut, exams cancelled, and interviews postponed, most of the aspiring MBA candidates must be anxious about how to spend their

Consulting And Strategy Most Sought-After At IIM Shillong - Final Placement Report, PGP Class of 2020

IIM Shillong has released the final placements report for the PGP class of 2018-2020! The season saw participation from 60 recruiters, including Bain & Company, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, AB InBev,

I Always Thought I Am Inferior To Others, Ft. Rajesh V, IIFT Delhi

Like most kids in the Indian Education System, Rajesh too was stuck in the stressful cycle of school, tuition and prep. His IIT JEE classes took a toll on him,

How I Got A Job Offer From Goldman Sachs, Ft. Maharshi Chhaya, IIM Shillong

Do you aspire to get into a top company like Goldman Sachs? What do you think it takes to get there? You not only have to clear the selection process

Do What You Love; Money Will Come Ft. Sanjeeb Kakoty, IIM Shillong

What makes one the Professor of the Year? Is it their way of teaching? Their connection with students? Or simply the way their mind functions, which inadvertently inspires their students?

Running A Food Stall In An IIM Ft. Vinushree Jain, IIM Shillong

Everyone says that extracurriculars help you put your classroom learnings to good use. What exactly do they mean? Case Study Competitions and Internships have been spoken about at length, but

IIM Shillong Interview Experience Ft. Anvita Gupta, CA

What does it take to get into IIM Shillong? How can you prepare for the questions your interviewers might ask? In this video, we spoke to Anvita Gupta, a Chartered