Why MBA? – An MBA’s Perspective

Well, I see too many hearts break after CAT releases the scores. To be frank it hurts when you don’t perform as per your expectations but then that’s life. The faster you accept it the more peace one gets and you get to improve yourself. Kudos to all those who scored well as per their expectations, as to other aspirants, this is a steep learning curve.

But a question I would like all aspirants to ask themselves remains “Why MBA?”.

Is it the money or the allure or the less sought after knowledge? Or maybe the escape from office misery and let’s not forget the urge to follow the trend.

Well If it’s the money, then let me cut that day dream short. B-schools are not a shortcut to earn more money. It’s just a route to a higher probability to earn more while working your way up the same corporate ladder. The better the B school the higher the probability. But then you need to ask yourself “If money is everything?”

Glamour is hypothetical, once you enter you get to see the other side of MBA. And by then MBA sucks the life out of you and things become drab again.

If it is knowledge, very good…keep working and you will get though. Find out where you keep going wrong, seek help from seniors as they will know your drawbacks and don’t you dare give up come what may. Face failure, it’s the best teacher and will make you stronger.

Trust me if you think MBA is an escape from current corporate misery, trust me that you are just terribly wrong. It the same race with higher responsibility and less room to escape.

And if it is just to follow the herd mentality, I would suggest getting insights, introspect and then put your foot forward as life in B schools is never rosy. You have to struggle day in and day out, compete with best. You can always follow what you love to do. The world will give you ample chances to prove yourself.

Now, if you have found out your reason, go ahead follow your dreams and succeed in achieving your passion.

You have one life, enjoy it.

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.”

“Norman Vincent Peale”

All the Best!!

Debjyoti Bose

I pursued PGPM from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.(2017-2018). Extrovert person who likes interacting, understanding and helping people.