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Why MBA?

Why MBA? An inevitable question. A question that will haunt you even once you get into a b-school. To answer this question well for yourself and for your interviews, here are some different perspectives of students from IIMs, SPJIMR, XLRI, SCMHRD, etc

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MBA From An IIM, What To Expect?

This is the question a lot of students think about or should think about, before deciding to take CAT.

In Conversation With A Lawyer Who Made It To IIM | Nidhi Minz, IIM Ranchi

Hello Nidhi, it is rare that we find a lawyer at a B-school. Kudos for making it to IIM Ranchi, let’s know your journey that inspired you to take up

The Journey From Graduating In Psychology To Pursuing An MBA | Sakshi Agarwal, IIM Ranchi

We have a Psychology graduate here!  Are you reading my mind? Well, that's cliched question for a psychology student. However, our readers want to read your journey to IIM. Without

Why MBA Is More Than Just A Degree

It has been increasingly seen that just as a graduation course ends, students look to enhance their skills through a suitable postgraduate program. More often than not, it happens to

Why MBA? - Freshers Vs Working Professionals

There is one recurrent question which candidates have to face during their interviews for admissions into their choice of B-Schools and also during their interviews during Summer Placements. That question

10 Reasons Why People Do An MBA

Why MBA? Let us cut to the chase. You google ten reasons for any topic, and you can find dozens of results. There is this irresistible urge to share your

Why MBA - Stories From Professionals Working At Google, Flipkart, Microsoft & More

Have you wondered why people choose to do an MBA? Perhaps for better work prospects and return on investment? Perhaps in order to gain an edge over others? Every year,

5 Reasons Which Compelled Me To Pursue An MBA

One of the most powerful solutions to tackle even the most difficult dilemma is in fact the question ‘Why?’