Mr Neil Sanghavi, MD, Oxygen Entertainment & Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. at IIM Indore Mumbai campus

The enthusiastic bunch of participants of PGP-2 were addressed by Mr Neil Sanghavi, Managing Director, Oxygen Entertainment & Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to discuss  the entertainment industry and BTL(Below the line)  in marketing. Given the kind of experience that Mr Neil Sanghavi has in the entertainment and media industry, participants were curious to know about the intricacies of the industry. Mr Sanghavi not only shared his first hand experiences and stories with the audience but also addressed all the queries which were being asked by the budding managers.

Mr Sanghavi explained how you provide value to your client by striving hard to give your best each time.The participants saw how his work at Filmfare, Fifa, IPL  and various other major events turned out be huge success.  On being asked about the role of an MBA graduate in the media and entertainment industry, Mr Sanghavi mentioned the scope and also touched upon different aspects of the roles taken up by MBA graduates.

Apart from providing the industry overview, Mr Neil Sanghavi explained in detail about Below The Line (BTL) marketing Above The Line (ATL) marketing and the importance of each in integrated marketing communication. He also cited examples of product placements in movies and TV shows and the kind of returns that such advertisements and promotions provide. The guest lecture was an interactive session with  videos being played, pictures and presentations being showed and curious questions being answered.

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