Multiple Perspectives On Management – Sub-theme Of Vivaan 3.0 – IIFT

Management is not a single aspect to be viewed with conventional thinking. Management is a vast and diverse field which when adapted will help tackle future challenges in the world of uncertainty.

To enter the vast field of management and explore different perspectives, this year we have put a step forward and brought a sub theme to the concept of VIVAAN 3.0 that is ‘Multiple Perspectives on management’ where eminent speakers from different fields will give an insight and in-depth knowledge about various fields of management.

The Indian army assumes tremendous responsibility and encounters a wide range of challenges in protecting the country and its people against external aggression and internal insecurity. Not many of us are aware of how they cope up with stress and huge responsibility and how do they manage themselves in such high pressure, to know about the real-life experiences and interesting facts we have an eminent and proud personality coming to VIVAAN 3.0 to explain the minutest details that we are not aware of and it’s our responsibility to know as citizens of the nation.

Every now and then we come across campaigns which try to bring awareness regarding the climate which has been drastically changing from the past years. The climatic change not only has an impact on us but it has a huge impact on the International Business. We have a notable speaker coming on the 2nd day of Vivaan who will exemplify this issue and help us tackle the major problems that the world is facing regarding the climatic change.

India is a country where people are fascinated by sports and the streets filled with sports enthusiasts but how many of us are aware of the ‘Management’ perspective in the world of sports. We have a speaker talking about the “Management in the world of sports” who gives us realistic glimpse into the challenges and opportunities that exist now as well as in the future within the exciting world of sports and sports management.

We have chosen the Sub-Theme of VIVAAN 3.0 to let everyone explore into the everyday happenings of our life. The different aspects are the one which we hear and see in our daily lives. Listening to them in the words of eminent personalities would be an experience for life.

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