My Journey To IIM Indore Mumbai – Shubhi Tewari’s Story

IIM. These three letters always fascinated me more than the other attractive three letters-IIT. It was due to this reason that I wasn’t dejected when I did not clear the IIT JEE in 2011. To be honest, I never toiled enough for it. My happiness knew no bounds when in 2011 IIM Indore started its Integrated Program in Management. Voila! That’s my thing, I thought. Exhilarated, I filled the form for the course. But my parents thought otherwise, and I never got to post the form.

4 years later, I held the same form in my hand. It was the day I was going to take CAT’15. I read the form, re read the section that asked why I wanted to take the course from IIM Indore. Those lines are still fresh in my brain, verbatim. The exam seemed easy and the period between that day and the day of the result was probably the hardest time in my life. Finally, a decent percentile got me a call from IIM Indore besides other colleges. The battle was only half won. Anxiety got the better of me when I came to know the ratio of the final converts to the call getters in IIM Indore. Regardless of that, I kept the preparation going. And then one fine day, I received the long awaited mail from the Admissions Office, IIM Indore and I thanked my lucky stars.

So I was going to the city of corporates, Bollywood, Marine Drive, Gateway, monsoons, the city that would charm me for all the months that I would spend there. Even the chaotic life here seems organized. I could not wait for the first day in the campus. And then came the day. With feelings I fail to describe in words, I entered the class room, already filled with my batch mates. Little did I know that these people would become a family to me. It was a delight to find people with such diverse backgrounds. Life has been an adventure since then, the kind of adventure you feel fortunate to be a part of. The adventure has only revved up since the day we joined.

The restless lifestyle here prepares you for the frenetic corporate life. Assignments, quizzes, lectures, guest talks, competitions, live projects have become a part and parcel of our lives now. With the same curriculum, completely aligned admission process and integrated placements, IIM Indore PGP Mumbai is IIM Indore with the Mumbai advantage.

I don’t recall what about the IIMs appealed to me when I was young: the fancy business suits, the splendid lifestyles or the fame. But when you’re a part of this place you realize it is more than all this. When I look back, I see that I am not the same person that I was eight months back. I have started viewing things around me in a totally different fashion. Thank you IIM Indore PGP Mumbai for making the person that I am today!



About the author: 

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Shubhi Tewari(Class of 2017) is a fresher and has done B.Tech in CSE from KIET, Ghaziabad. Secretary of the Media and Public Relations Committee of the campus, Shubhi believes in the power of the pen and the might of the mike. She is an avid reader and a marketing enthusiast.

IIM Indore Mumbai Campus

The younger extension of IIM Indore, located in the busy and happening city of Mumbai - we are a group of up and coming managers living in the city of dreams.



Amit Kumar Pandey

One of the most genuine from the heart article I believe; this line proves it “I don’t recall what about the IIMs appealed to me when I was young: the fancy business suits, the splendid lifestyles or the fame. But when you’re a part of this place you realize it is more than all this.”
It was CAT’14 right? A typo I believe.

Sachin Tewari

Nice to read the content ,
You proved our believes it was a proud moment for all of us the day you selected for IIM. You done it , now grab it , rule and enjoy the world .
Best Wishes !
Proud Brother

Sudhir Pawar

Hi Shubhi….I am waitlisted for IIM I M campus….can u add me to the group in FB?Also one query:- Does everyone from mumbai campus gets placement….asking because will have to take huge Loan?….Thanks in Advance….