‘I have won awards at NASA and Boeing competitions. I wish I could improve quizzing culture at IIM Indore’ – Nishant S P-Best50

Nishant has been chosen as one of the top 30 most employable candidates across schools and programmes in India for the Class of 2015. He has one of the best 30 profiles among the 66 final round candidates who participated in the Best50 competition. The final 30 were chosen based on a combination of scores for the write-up below and the candidate’s resume.


What have you done at your business school which makes you stand out from the crowd?

I have tried to be the best at whatever I do. A few of my achievements include:

1. I have been Shortlisted for the Aditya Birla Scholarship for being a topper according to institute selection rank list in IIMs 

2. I interned at HSBC and have secured a PPO

3. I was selected to present a research paper at the 53rd European Working Group on Commodities and Financial Modelling held in Greece. The research paper proposed a new algorithm in finance to compute the optimal portfolio of assets

4. I designed a new financial algorithm which was accepted for the World Symposium on Finance, Management and Education

5. I was selected to present my research paper at the World Business, Finance and Management Conference in Auckland, New Zealand

6. I have authored a research paper in algorithmic finance which was accepted for publication in international journals like IJEERT and IJRSCSE

7. I was invited give an oral presentation at the International Social Sciences and Business Research Conference  

8. I was invited to present a research paper on a financial algorithm at the International Conference on Computing, Engineering and Technologies

9. I was shortlisted for the campus finals of the Philips Blueprint business plan contest

10. I have also held several positions of responsibility such as:

a. Coordinator, Jigyaasa, IRIS-Management Festival: I was responsible for organizing the biggest quiz in Central India both in terms of participation and prize money

b. Campus Ambassador, PrintBindaas: I was Involved in planning and executing various strategies to promote PrintBindaas on campus

c. Senior Member, Quiz Club, IIM Indore: I was responsible for conducting quizzes of diverse themes like general/business/sports etc  for the student community in IIM Indore

d. Member, IT Team-Ahvan Management Fest: I was responsible for the design and the maintenance of the official website and the development of the android app of the management fest of IIM Indore


What have you done in your life that you are the most proud of?

There are several achievements that I am very happy about. It is hard to choose one. I can list 3 of them:

1, I was the First Indian to secure the Best New Entry Award at the prestigious Student Aeronautics Design Contest (International) sponsored by Boeing.

2. I have also secured an award at the NASA Fundamental Aeronautics Contest for designing a new aircraft for NASA. I was the only Indian contestant to win an award that year.

3. I have also designed a lunar base and a lunar impact simulator for NASA.


If there was one good aspect about your school that you could take back after you graduate –

I believe that it is the warm, open minded and welcoming culture of IIM Indore that I would like to take back after I graduate.


If there was one thing that you could change about your business school, it would be –

This is a really tough question. It’s hard to find one thing I would want to change.  I love IIM Indore the way it is. But, if there is one thing I could change about my B-school, it would be improving the quizzing culture. Having been part of the quiz club of IIM Indore, I have the satisfaction of having achieved it to a certain extent.


If you had to open a rival social network to Facebook, what would it be like?

If I had to open a rival social network to Facebook, it would be like a common interface for social networking and career networking. But, at the same time, the information displayed on each front could be controlled by the user. The users would have a common platform for both social as well as professional networking which would ensure that that information on each front is not visible to the other front unless permitted by the user.


Who are you – Express yourself

Well..I guess the following images would define the principles that guide me in whatever I do!


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