If Not Now Then When? – The Black Hole Of Procrastination

It was a great day when I joined a weekend batch to prepare for MBA entrance exams. On the very first day as I started the classes, returned and realised that I have other chores to work on which were poking my mind to agree to start the preparation tomorrow. Again it was another day and there was another “BUT”, and it continues till I realised I was running short of time.

In the above few lines, I just tried to express myself as of how one of the GEMs (General Engineer Male) turned into an MBA aspirant who screwed all of his MBA entrance exams by the time he realised that he was sucked into the black hole of procrastination.

There is a usual saying in colleges among friends “Exam ke Samay dekh lenge” (will see in the exams) and sometimes we even get success while doing it at the last moment itself but have you ever thought was it the pressure of not being a failure that made the work done?

Also, it happened to be a steady decline from the senior secondary to engineering college, unknowingly even though it was satisfying as I am above 70 percent mark. As I felt this should not be the end of the story so turned out an MBA aspirant but could not figure out that I was there in the club of procrastination and became an instant gratification monkey.

After screwing CAT the normal excuses come out as every human being that the paper was tough, I was not prepared this time and much more but you didn’t know that you were still there in the club of procrastination and swear that “Agli bar dek lenge”(will see next time).

Being an MBA aspirant, we always dream of getting into an IIM A, B or C. But have you ever asked yourself when was the last time you sat down to study? Instead gave excuses for the same?

So coming to our topic of discussion “If not now then when”, as if “not now” then it does not give any results. Neither it does things nor it changes your life, instead, you became gratified. “But when” you don’t know or may be undecided.

Considering the best case as even if one scores a 100%ile and land in IIM A. Then gets the highest paid job and become the CEO of an MNC…..See do the instant gratification ends? Also, it is not real, but one falls into this trap as it feels good.

Quoting a famous saying “a will finds a way”, the way to come out of this problem is to stop imagining and start doing work. But this does not mean zooming full into Kanyakumari on the country’s map and scrolling up until you cross Kashmir and reach indo-china border to get a better feel for our country. Also for those who are rational thinkers, it can be easy to stop imagining but for others, it is nothing but easy.

So to avoid procrastination one could follow certain steps which I feel can be very helpful.

Stop cursing yourself for not studying. Be happy and do, even if one get less time try to utilise.

Fragment the work into different parts so that it does not become a burden.

Always have a faith in yourself that you can do it and nothing can stop from reaching your goals. Also, remember that even if late you are better than never.

So, in the end, I would say that stop the procrastination and instant gratification, start doing and “Never Give Up”.

sailesh jalan

Sailesh Jalan CAT 2018 Aspirant.