Patience Is The Key To Success – Upasna Agrawal, NMIMS Mumbai

‘The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy’- Martin Luther King

One of the major challenges that I faced was during the time when I had to decide whether I should accept the offer for a job in Deloitte Bangalore. The reason being that the job description was not aligned with my domain of studies. However, I understood that a company like Deloitte would offer me a lot to learn. While faced with this dilemma, I communicated with a few people who had already worked in a particular field. I had to listen to them patiently while weighing the pros and cons of how it would affect my learning curve and future aspirations. Ultimately, I took the decision of not accepting the offer and thereby look for job opportunities within my city, Kolkata.

Finding a job was also a big challenge that I overcame. A few days after rejecting the offer from Deloitte I started to upload my CV on portals and started to inform people about my job prospects. During this entire period, I was extremely patient and persistent since I knew that the process would take some time. However, there came a time where I started to believe that I would not find a job fulfilling my requirements. During this time, I relied on my confidence and my abilities along with positive thinking exercises.

After a month, I got an opportunity to work for Pricewaterhouse Coopers. I was finally happy with the kind of job that I was expected to discharge. This made me realise that we attract positive energies when we start to think positively about what we want to achieve. Additionally, it taught me that patience is the key to success.

My journey of overcoming challenges was not over yet. I knew that I had to pursue higher education. Another challenge was knocking at my door- the preparation for MBA entrance examinations. Having already failed once in the examination during 2017, I was under immense pressure to perform well and score high. While studying for the examinations I had a proper plan of study for the month and I had to strategically manage all three sections covered in the examinations- English, logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude. A constant reminder of my long-term goal was the driving force which enabled me to score well in the examination and to speak well in the interview.

When I finally got the admission letter for NMIMS, a premier B-School, I believed that my hard work and determination had paid off.

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Upasna Agrawal

I hail from the city of joy, Kolkata and thus have an inherent passion for art and culture. During the past 2 years, I have worked as a Specialist with PwC. As a student of NMIMS, I hope to inculcate managerial skills.