How To Prepare for Case Interviews – Summer Time Madness – Reliance & InsideIIM

This is the 6th episode of ‘Summer Time Madness’, our 10 Video Series in association with Reliance Industries Limited.

What do recruiters look for when they put forth a small business problem or a case in front of a candidate? Are they actually looking out for an ultimate response to all the problems? Is it important to zero down on one final answer or give a broad overview? The key here is to highlight your ability and the zest to solve a real-life problem.

In this video,we dig deeper into this segment of interviews and aid you develop the right approach through some interesting real-life business cases.




  • Approach the problem in a structured fashion and try to understand it fully before jumping on to the conclusion.
  • Do not make assumptions. Get your doubts cleared by questioning. It is important to get the right hold of basic facts to move ahead and deliver a reasonable solution to the case.An alternative to this could be stating your assumptions clearly at the outset.
  • Do not panic if you are presented a industry/sector outside your area of expertise. Case-Study interview is a test of analytical and reasoning skills and not your level of industry knowledge.
  • Ask for additional data only after you have analysed the case thoroughly. This will also mitigate the possibility of you getting lost and while time over irrelevant points.
  • Finally, reflect your thought process throughout. Consider such interviews as opportunities to hone your skills rather than viewing them as a part of a hiring process.

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