Rejected Twice, But Not The Third Time As The Turn Was Mine

Sorry, you are rejected”- Unfortunately my innocent heart and harmless ears had to bear these utterly painful words not once but twice from someone who was the dearest of all. Someone about whom I used to dream all day and night since the time I was given the slightest hint of being the chosen one. Rejection struck me like a sharp weapon which ripped me apart and did not even spare my heart, my dreams and my sole reason of happiness. Heartbroken, I thought it is the end of my story as the world I own has just crashed. But I was not aware that love can bloom again and perhaps to a much better someone than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams and imagination.

You might be thinking I have totally forgotten that I am writing a story for Insideiim and not for a website of #emotionalfools, #Devdas.But what I believe is that these supposedly unconnected worlds are not so alien to each other. I feel that we all are passionate about something or the other-our professional goals or our personal priorities. And this article is a journey that I underwent in pursuit of the former and not the later. Yes, it is my voyage through the many rejections, many mock exams and precisely three CAT attempts to earn that coveted seat in one of the best colleges in India.

Spanning four and half years and spread across two cities, this has probably been a test of resilience and perseverance and not my verbal and quantitative abilities. Yes, for me those rejection messages came not from the love of my life but from a college to which all my dreams and hopes were attached to. You guessed it correctly; it was my only interview call during my two unsuccessful relationships with CAT. So, naturally, rejections were difficult to accept. It was not difficult because of the unfulfilled dreams of MBA but because of the repulsive feeling of going through the same process of mock CATs and study material all over again.

But I did not lose hope at any point of time as my passion and my zeal to be in one of the top institutes was too vivid to be vanquished by ephemeral phases of despair. Every time I stumbled to finally rise again, I found myself to be an enriched person in terms of knowledge, experience and overall outlook. Fortunately I have had a happy ending and I am writing this article sitting in a cosy hostel room of one of the best MBA institutions of the country. And yes, last year I also got the chance to reject the admission offer from the same college which taught me what failure is by rejecting me twice in the previous years.

My story is not exceptional as this is a story of many a CAT aspirants who do not succumb to rejections but rise to see their dreams transform into reality. Keep working hard and remain honest to your dreams and aspirations as life is a very large hearted spirit. It will give you what you desire and deserve if not now then sometime very soon.







Hi Tanulekha,
Many Congratulations! It was an aura of hope for people like me and many more who rightly agree with the statement quoted ‘too vivid to be vanquished’. Could u pls take a moment to let me know how many yrs of work exp if u had any and the reason u think u weren’t admitted initially would really help me in planning my career ahead. I look forward to ur reply.
Thank you and wishing u loads of success!


Thank you annapoorna. 🙂 I have 30 months of experience. If I look back, I could not convert my first call because of my underpreparedness. I was still in my college then and I was not so much aware about the world. Second CAT attempt again was not up to my expectations. It was probably because I gave too much emphasis in giving new tests everyday rather than reviewing my mistakes and learning from it. But one thing I would say that I could clearly feel the differences in me compared towhat I was in the previous year. Wishing you all the success too 🙂