Rendezvous With Mr. Vaidyanathan Parameswaran | Vice President, BNY Mellon


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Ayushi Bansal

It's a nice read.!

16 Jan, 2019 |

Jhilmil Badlani

A good motivational note! Thanks.

16 Jan, 2019 |

Prakhar Almal

Inspiring !

16 Jan, 2019 |

Wales Dsouza

Inspiring...... Enjoyed reading

16 Jan, 2019 |

Nitin Gupta

Great thoughts shared by Vaidyanthan Sir. Great learning! :)

16 Jan, 2019 |

Akshay Gupta

Great work indeed :)

16 Jan, 2019 |

Aditi Aggarwal

Wonderful read!!

16 Jan, 2019 |

Shivam Gupta

Feel truly inspired! Geat Story.....

17 Jan, 2019 |

Shelly Bansal

Wonderful read!

17 Jan, 2019 |

Harshita Sachdeva

I always thought its hard to make it big if you arent from top IIMs or IITs. But this is totally inspiring. Its easier to scale from top universities but harder to make it from Tier 2 colleges. Hats Off!!

17 Jan, 2019 |

Arnav Pati

Excellent read!

17 Jan, 2019 |

Adit Babel

Your words created magic

17 Jan, 2019 |

Simran Jindal

Good read!

17 Jan, 2019 |

Tushar Aggarwal

Loved reading!!!

17 Jan, 2019 |

shashwat gupta

excellent post

17 Jan, 2019 |

yash jain

really motivating

18 Jan, 2019 |

prashant gola


18 Jan, 2019 |

kartik tehlan

very good

18 Jan, 2019 |

Deepam Jain

Inspiring and well written

18 Jan, 2019 |

Rahul Jindal

Feels truly inspiring! A great journey, must say!

18 Jan, 2019 |

Vaishali Gupta

Amazing story. I wish I can follow the footsteps and imbibe in real life!

18 Jan, 2019 |

Sanya Jain

Favorite line - "Our positions are just temporary, but the human inside us would always stay and evolve" Truly Amazing

18 Jan, 2019 |

Tushar Gupta

Motivational journey Best Reads!!!!

18 Jan, 2019 |

Samdeesh Singh

Enlightening corporate journey! :)

18 Jan, 2019 |

Ani Bansal

It’s a good motivational note! Great learning for the people ... Inspiring and nice thought ...

18 Jan, 2019 |

Vivek Shuks

great job, interesting insights :)

18 Jan, 2019 |

Shreya Jain

Very well written!

18 Jan, 2019 |

Rishab Modi

It was really a nice read. Its great to read about such great people. Inspiring note. Post more such articles.

18 Jan, 2019 |

Praneeth Kumar Reddy Acholu

Excellent article....Great work

18 Jan, 2019 |

Abhijeet Gupta

I really liked your idea of looking at this issue

19 Jan, 2019 |

rahul gupta

Great read! Thanks Yash! :)

19 Jan, 2019 |

parag saxena

This is amazing !

19 Jan, 2019 |

Nakul Midha

such an insightful read!!

19 Jan, 2019 |

Dhruv Gandhi

Very Inspiring..!

19 Jan, 2019 |

Swapnil Tyagi

Great writing yash!!!

19 Jan, 2019 |

Rashi Nagpal

Favorite line: Walk the Talk. I truly agree that values would always emanate from the top and trickle down at the bottom. Top leadership must "Walk the Talk". A must in today's scenario

19 Jan, 2019 |

Akansha Sethi

Inquisitiveness, the agility to learn more. I think this is the most important and truly agree with Vaidyanthan Sir. This is what is also taught to us in MBA and is followed by Infosys which was highly appreciated in academia and industry.

19 Jan, 2019 |

Harshit Taneja

I feel a holistic personality is a must and truly agree with VP sir. His journey is an inspiration for all of us and young generations should follow his footsteps!

19 Jan, 2019 |

Aditya Arora

A true journey of a champion, how to take advantage of every opportunity.

19 Jan, 2019 |

Simran Kaur

“It’s fine to have an element of ambiguity regarding one’s career choice. Even I am still exploring.” Favorite Words. We should not feel insecure, rather its a creative and exploring mind which is hundry for new ideas and new opportunities and more successful in life! Certainity in life is not essentially the key!

19 Jan, 2019 |

Nandan Bhatia

Indeed, a great piece of work!

19 Jan, 2019 |

Hargur Patil

"Being a leader in an organization has nothing to do with one’s position. It’s more to do with our own decision and to look after/ protect the person to our left/ right." Truly Said!! Position is nothing to do with leadership, leader si within us. A lot to learn from you sir! Thanks for sharing.

19 Jan, 2019 |

Saranjeet Singh


19 Jan, 2019 |

Kshitij Gupta

Was indeed a wonderful read! Cheers!!

19 Jan, 2019 |

Kumari Pandit

Nice article!

20 Jan, 2019 |

Mayank Banka

Great Read..!!! Keep it up..!!!

22 Jan, 2019 |

Navaneetha Krishnan

Vaidyanathan is one of my good friends, and wonderful to see that he is doing great and taking time out to guide young minds. Thanks for the write-up!

25 Jan, 2019 |