First Round

~ 7 -8 minutes GK ( 5-6 Qs cutoff – DO NOT blindly guess ). If you are good at GK, you can easily get one-third of the cutoff. This means that this can be a very scoring area for you.

Topics – GK mainly current affairs, business affairs, latest sports tournaments and famous personality, latest appointments and government schemes, mergers and acquisitions, some basic static GK etc

Second Round

20 minutes VARC QADI LR Cutoffs – 6 – 10 ( VA > QA DI )

~ RCs are lengthy but easy, not CAT type or anything to read in between the Lines.

~ LRDI is a lot easier than CAT, DI maybe a bit calculative to check your patience.

Third Round

25 minutes each to your strongest 2 sections (Target is to hit at least
50 overall)

Do not stop anywhere!

Just keep moving.

Quite often QA may have printing mistakes. So not more than 2 minutes on a

QA may have higher Maths! Chill – You only need 10 odd to clear QADI combined

~ QA syllabus is mostly same as CAT, just with more focus on Numbers, Modern Maths and Basic Arithmetic.

60,000 odd people will take this exam.

1500+ odd will make the cut.


One Tip : CAT 96 %iler was IIFT topper, with 2 marks more than CAT 100%ler

Another CAT 96 %iler was IIFT 99.9 %iler

So CAT and IIFT are a bit different and if you are not happy with your CAT performance, you can still definitely maul IIFT exam

IIFT Cutoffs of last 2 years :



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