How does Virat Kohli take a decision?

By consistently answering 1 central question – Will this help my team win?

For example, if 140 runs are required to win … he will be happy scoring it; but if merely 40 runs are required to win he will be happy it.

Bottom-line: It is not records, nor century which motivates Virat Kohli to perform, but doing a thing that ensures win for the team!

Let’s get into RCBs Dressing Room & see how he has instituted this style of thinking.

RCB has instituted a tradition that the match ball is presented to the guy who really comes through for the team & that is not always the player who scores the most run or take the most wickets.

Take the recent RCB match against KXIP. Umesh Yadav was given the Match of the Man, for his wonderful performance with the ball. But the ‘internal’ award was awarded to 18-year-old all-rounder Washington Sundar from Chennai for a wonderful all-round performance for taking 2 wickets in his 4 overs – including that of L Rahul – and striking 2 boundaries – under pressure – in the final over.

RCB’s coach presented Dan Vettori presented the ball to Washington, & every RCB team member lustily cheered the choice.

Bottom Line: 1 Always frame 1 Central question & consistently attempt to answer it – in almost all circumstances. This will bring consistency into decision making. 2. Publicly reward the behaviour of your team members that you value & want everybody to display!