SIBM Pune Enriches You With Enthralling Experiences – Mukta Tiwari

I open my eyes to the sound of a peacock outside my window to look at the beautiful day that had just begun. A day full of opportunities and possibilities. A day that stood as a prologue to my MBA journey and my life to be. Have I made the right choice? I pondered over this question as I made way to attend the first day of my induction program.

The campus was filled with newbies. Excited, nervous and apprehensive, just like I was. Some a little bit more focussed, sure and clear. But everyone was inquisitive. Everyone had the same question raging through their minds. How is it going to be? What makes this campus unique? The first day into the course and I knew the answer. If you google this question, you’ll get myriad views from different people giving you stats, figures and the position on ranking charts.

While all that is relevant and accurate, what makes the campus truly unique is the enthralling experience it enriches you with. The institution thrives on the spirit of “Vasudhev kutumbhkam” not just in theory but also in practice. It is one of the few places where learning is imbibed in each individual in close communion with nature. The sights from the aqua point, amphitheatre and even classrooms energise the soul. Indeed, nature can be the best teacher sometimes.

The institute follows an exceptional pedagogy of focussing equally on non-classroom-based learning through group activities and ensuring the mental well-being of each student as its core responsibility. It is a remarkable way to be taught the essence of team work and how your peers can motivate you to make you do tasks which you never thought you were capable of. How important positive reinforcement is, and how you can turn around and win battles where you were on the brink of giving up just because of the little pat on your shoulder or the loud cheer in the background. These lessons can never be taught within the four walls of a classroom.

Looking at my fellow batchmates and the surfeit experiences and talent they bring with themselves makes me feel privileged. Being a completely student-driven institute It presents each individual with a deluge of opportunities to grow beyond their horizons. From admissions to placements and all that comes in between, the students take care of all proceedings with utmost precision.

An MBA college is as good as its network, and SIBM Pune is a pioneer in this area too. Being home to seven different colleges on this picturesque hilltop, one has so much to learn. Diversity is at its best with people coming from not just different states but also different countries. One month into the campus and I have learnt so much already. Juggling between the eye-opening economic lectures to completing tasks before deadlines to preparing for council interviews and then squeezing some time out for friends is what a regular day at campus looks like. But I’m sure that the roller coaster ride has just begun and it’ll have its ups and downs in the days to come.

Which ABG Company would you like to work for and why?

Happy employees lead to happy customers. This truly aligns with the mission of Aditya Birla Group as they aim to deliver superior value to their customers. The strong belief of the company in the ‘Power of 5’ is what makes it stand apart from others in its field. I look forward to an opportunity to work with for Pantaloons. It is one of those few brands which automatically come to mind when we think of our favourite go to places for shopping almost anything. I believe that a brand earns fame because of the value addition it brings to each customer and Pantaloons certainly creates an impact on that sphere. Also, a record growth of 17% and being the proud owners of awards like ‘India’s Most Trusted Apparel Brand’ and ‘Best Use Of Customer Experience Technology Award’ only bring forward the constant innovation, high quality and strong product portfolio that the brand has.

– Mukta Tiwari

Marketing, SIBM Pune

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