Student’s Dilemma – Location V/S Brand

It is a matter of no debate that we thrive or wither, depending on how nourishing the surrounding environment is and the space given to horizons for expansion. As a matter of fact, the relative percentage of opportunities grabbed grows exponentially with the opportunities provided, and what are we, the MBA students, apart from being the opportunists?

On a lighter note, MBA is one costly animal to tame and thankfully, banks come to rescue with the neck band in form of student loans. But, a loan is a debt that needs to be repaid. Though there is no comparison to the amount of learning it in some obscure corners of the minds, the thought of being indebted remains. The intensity of the effects may vary from person to person but the pressure stays!

A wise and intelligent decision regarding the selection of college can be the key to releasing pressure, but, how do you define an impeccable decision? How do you make a good decision? What factors are to be considered before giving the tag of ‘EXCELLENT’ to any college? How you find your perfect mate?

Let’s begin with a story to answer aforementioned questions. There were two students, X and Y, both did well in their entrances, but Y is more successful today, as compared to X. What? How? Neither did Y outgrow in college, nor X fell prey to drugs. What brought the difference is Y’s intelligent choice.

X chose the safe and secure route with the brand selection and Y accumulated the benefits, analysed pros and cons of every factor and took an ingenious decision, which brings him to his current successful position. If we dig deeper into the process of college selection for Y, the collection of factors which led Y to the epitome of his talent is numerous. Amongst the few, location played an imperative role!

MBA is no different from the rest professional courses. It gets you to a place where constantly interacting with the clients and the world is a daily job. It is a matter of no debate that every established organisation has at least one front desk office at prime locations. Let alone the private organisations, who strive for their brand position, the Public Sector organisations and the Government offices are also enjoying the advantage of prime locations. Isn’t the availability of such resources and opportunities a great advantage?

A great learning experience finally culminates into great results, but, if the learning process continues beyond college life, then the results get delayed which is a completely RED sign for any professional. The global interactions and opportunities at prime locations serve as a piece of cake for students enrolled in colleges in prime locations such as Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, etc.

Something that prepares you for the upcoming avalanche, isn’t that a blessing in disguise? Well, that what a prime location does to your inner professional! Also, the handy experience lets you come out to the recruiters with flying colours. Coming to the point of recruitment, the factor bounding the hopes for many! Colleges located at prime locations enjoy witnessing a huge number of guests during the placement season which can be limited at any college located at the outskirts. As the proverb goes, more, the merrier! The number of offers made to students grows with the number of companies visiting the campus. What else would a business want than to make a choice between the best and the best?

But, is leaving behind the brand so easy? The answer is a straight NO! Everyone would want a brand tag to be in their resume throughout their lives. But, before making a choice, ask yourself this one question, if the step doesn’t scare you a bit, is it worth taking? Our ancestor’s wisdom has taught us, nothing worth having ever came easy!

Contemplate your pros and cons, and choose the best! We are more than sure that the college with prime location will win!

Harshad Patel

Harshad Patel is a part of student team for InsideIIM and a member of the admissions committee at KJ SIMSR, Mumbai. He is a B.E. Mechanical graduate of M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur.