It’s The Students That Make IIM Raipur Special

Situated at the heart of Chhattisgarh lies one of the most prestigious institutes of the country “Indian Institute of Management, Raipur”. The college began its journey in the year 2010 by the Government of India on the outskirts of the city Raipur in a place called Sejbahar. In a span of 8 years, IIM Raipur has developed exponentially and has made a mark in the country’s list of premiere Business Schools despite having certain limitations such infrastructure and location.

The thing which I believe to be unique in our campus is the Bonding between the students. We have somehow made our limitations to our strength. The current infrastructure and location not only brings us together but also give us time to understand everybody around us. Within a very short time, I was able to make such a connection with my batchmates. The problems faced by one of us is more or less universal in nature out here. So we have no choice but to shed our differences and come together to find a plausible solution.

The infrastructure also helps us out in some other ways. The commute to classes is cut short because of the close proximity. We have more time on our hand as having time in an MBA institute is Luxury. The Hostel facilities are decent enough with all the basic amenities. Part of Infrastructure is the Canteen which caters to around 500 students on a daily basis. Supplying a hygienic, sumptuous and a whole hearty meal to different students coming from different parts of the country. All the sports facilities are available in our campus which keeps us on our toes. The sports actually help us release stress from our busy schedules.

The late-night campus life is actually what IIMs are famous for. The building is within the GEC Campus which has a beautiful atmosphere away from the hustle of the city which lets the student concentrate peacefully on the activities which happening around. The Campus also has a strict security system. There are security guards on duty for the safety of the students and is equipped with state of the art security systems. In spite of being situated far away, the institute is properly connected to the city. Emergency Ambulances are kept on standby and all the services like ATM are available on the campus itself. We have a diverse environment with a wide range of opportunities which helps to take the best out of everyone. Our college has a student exchange program where we have collaborations with many best universities by which students get global exposure. The institute rides high on its strong relationship with the corporate from India and abroad.

All in all, in a couple of months we would be shifting to the new campus. But in my belief, it is not the infrastructure which makes an Institute. It’s the Students who make the institute shine.


Which ABG company would you want to work for and Why?

I want to work with Aditya Birla Group in the IDEA Cellular Company in the Telecommunications sector which provides Cellular Services across the country.

The reason why I prefer Idea Cellular Company is because of their overall presence in the market and the vast expansion in the last 2 years. Other than that the merger of IDEA and Vodafone which gives the company an edge over other companies in the market. I believe that IDEA Cellular will boom in the country after the launch of broad-spectrum services which can be seen in a few years to come.

Shantanu Barla is a first-year student at IIM Raipur.