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A Day In The Life

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A Day In The Life Of An MBA Student - Akshit Kalia, SIBMB

Wake up, but for that, you would have to sleep. Welcome to the world of sleep-deprived homo sapiens, who run around doing something. If they install a barometer inside a

A Day In The Life Of An XIMB Student

Holding my coffee mug, sipping my occasional caffeine requirement and comfortably sinking into my bean bag, when I look back at my recently bygone 3 months, it was undoubtedly a

Capturing My Days At IIM Rohtak

 Now that I am eight months into an IIM, I wanted to review how close my life at IIM is, to the expectations I had before joining. I refer to

A Day In The Life Of An IIM Rohtak Student

‘IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL… WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!’ screams my alarm at 7.45 in the morning followed by a couple of mathematical problems to get me off the bed. Thus begins

A Day In The Life Of A TAPMI Student – Krutarth Vashi

Birds chirping and a gentle kiss from the sun is how we wish to start our day in the morning and that is exactly what happens at TAPMI. Here, you

Why Is IIM Lucknow Called 'Hell' - A Hell-ite Answers

So, I have decided to write about a day in the life of a typical student of IIM Lucknow. More so, because the moderators asked.

The Life Of A Mumbaikar At MISB Bocconi

The day begins with an unfriendly noise of the alarm at 06:30 am followed by some mental debate if there’s more time to sleep or not. There isn’t, so the