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ABGLP Woo Me Season 2 - IIM Trichy

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“The Invisible Companion – Aditya Birla Group” by Vivek Kumar #IIM Trichy

There are certain things in this world which have existed around us ever since the time we first came into this world, ABG is one such company which has touched

Aditya Birla Group - Unwrapping a Dream -Vamsee Kotaru #IIM Trichy

1. Why Aditya Birla Group is big in my life?Unwrapping a Dream“There’s nothing more powerful in the world than a good story”. A story with a personal touch, even more

ABG -the brand of trust #IIMTrichy

Aditya Birla Group is a well-known conglomerate established in India with a span of more than 150 years. As the type of company suggested “conglomerate”, it has businesses in various

Success is a Journey|Ramesh #IIMTrichy

Aditya Birla Group thrives in serving every individual and tries to extend and expand its various business services. Every individual would have come across one or other product of ABG

Aditya Birla Group: Thinking Beyond Imagination #IIMTrichy

"With great Power comes great Responsibilities"-Uncle BenAnd truly so, Aditya Birla Group one of India's largest conglomerates founded by Shiv Narayan Birla in 1857 in Pilani, Rajasthan had its inception

Welcome to the “World of Opportunities” - From the “Place of Possibilities” #IIM Trichy - V.S. Rajesh Babu

Aditya Birla Group (ABG) represents Accessibility Balanced & Genuineness to achieve its mission to deliver superior value to the customers, employees & society. ABG is BIG because I can Bank

The Big in Our Lives #IIMTrichy

An Indian multinational conglomerate, Aditya Birla Group was founded by Seth Shiv Narayan Birla in 1857. The group has its business in sectors like- Aluminium and other non-ferrous metals (Hindalco

Making people their dream ready #IIMTrichy

Women in India are perceived in a particular way. They are either traditional or modern. Especially when it comes to their fashion. There are huge stores that sell a vast