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11 Types Of Managers You Should Not Be

During my 3 decades of corporate life, I encountered many types of managers, many of whom left me frustrated, disillusioned and disenchanted! I am sharing 11 types of such managers

8 Tips For A First Time Manager - Tips From An IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus

Drawing from my limited experience over the last 8 months:

5 Book Recommendations For Aspiring HR Managers

A company or an organisation is only as good as the employees that work in it. And you as HR Managers or to be HR Managers, will be responsible for

Positive Attitude Towards Learning & Communication Skills Are Important Factors That A Company Looks For In Interns – Abhimanyu Sahai - An Alumnus Of IIM Rohtak

Abhimanyu Sahai is a 2010-2012 batch MBA from Indian Institute of Management Rohtak. He has majored in Marketing and Strategy. He is currently working as a Business Development Manager with

5 Book Recommendations For Aspiring Managers

There is a huge difference between studying to be a manager and actually being a manager. And that difference can be scary. Some are born leaders and some need an