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B-schools In India

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How To Make It Through Your Time At The B-School Like A Pro

It has been quite some time since all of us have entered the field of management studies. The whole point of a management degree is to put you through a

What I Talk About When I Talk About Love

Calling Out To All You Lovers, And Hopeless Romantics,

How To Select The Right B-School?

India today has more than 5500 MBA colleges. Needless to say that most of these colleges do not add any value to a student graduating from them. Some of these

6 Harsh Truths About Placements At B-Schools In India

Hush! Finally, it's over! I wouldn't want to be in that phase of my life again (though, I might need to go face it once more). I am not talking

'Accept The MBA Change, Do Not Settle For Less' - Advice By An IIM Student

Reaching the summit of the mountainous CAT gives that feeling of irrevocable and irreplaceable joy, especially after long hours of grasping concepts, preparations, mock tests, and the ultimate stressful pressure

Can Past Academic Record Really Affect Your Chances Of Getting Into A B-School?

“I scored 99.5 percentile in CAT and did not get a call from IIM A, B, and C”

What Really Happens At A B-School?

To all of you applicants, who believe that lives at b-schools is really that hunkey-dorey, here’s a peek into what really constitutes the 2 years after you first get into