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Basics Of MBA

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How An MBA Helped Me Transform Self-Doubt Into Opportunity

“I had lost touch with mathematics, quantitative reasoning, and even reading comprehension, which is vital for MBA preparation, and I could not cope with mathematics or other quantitative sections. So,

Which Consulting Firms Do IIM A, B, C & ISB Alumni Work At?

A majority of B-school aspirants want to end up getting a high paying salary and a lifestyle that justifies their hard work and money spent over the course of two

How Much Do Product Managers Earn In India & US?

Product management is probably one of the most powerful career paths for people working in the corporate world. We use tens and hundreds of products everyday that influence the decision

How Much Do Management Consultants Earn In India, US & UK?

Consulting has been one of the most sought after roles that B-school students want to get into after their B-school. Roles like Management Consulting provide students an opportunity to work

5 Most Preferred Domains And Sectors IIM Grads Want To Work In

Choosing which domain to start their respective careers in becomes a decision that a lot of students struggle with. There are pros and cons associated with each of the domains

Top Banking & Finance Companies To Work With After MBA

Banking and financial services is amongst the most desirable sectors to work in for MBA students at the IIMs and other top institutes. Management graduates working in this sector tend

What Are The Top 20 Consulting Firms To Work With After MBA | Basics Of MBA With Sarah, Ep 4

It is now an undisputed fact - consulting is, by some margin, the most desirable sector to work in for MBA students across India's top IIMs and other top-ranked management

India’s Top MBA Colleges In 2021 | InsideIIM B-School Rankings 2021, Basics Of MBA With Sarah Ep 3

B-school rankings are an indicator to the perception of students towards a particular institute. To make life easier for aspirants and B-school students, InsideIIM comes up with its own list