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10 Interview Secrets That Can Help You Get Your Dream Job

How do I land into my dream job ? What can I say to impress the recruiter? How do I stand out from the crowd? We are sure all these

How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself Question In Your Placement Interview?

Have you wondered how you can get that coveted marketing internship at an FMCG company? What does it take to crack that marketing interview? How do you stand out from

Sales & Marketing Roles After MBA: Salary, Skills Needed, Opportunities, Companies & Jobs

It is rightly said that there is no point in having a world class product or service if it cannot be sold. This is where the Sales & Marketing team

A Fresher's Journey To IIM Calcutta - Bhavye Gupta, 99.88%iler

I am Bhavye Gupta and I am currently studying at IIM Calcutta. I come from a family of businessmen and wish to pursue my own entrepreneurial venture in the future.

Admits To Admission Consultants : The Bootcamp's Story

It was the evening of  5th March 2016, when I received an email from ISB- the subject of the mail was “Your EEO Application Result”. After 5 minutes of anxiety