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Why You Are Not Employable - 5 Future Skills That Can Change That, Ft. Sandeep Das

Sandeep Das is back with another video that will help you understand the skills you need to develop in order to be future-ready. India is one of the developing countries

Can Software Engineers Have A Successful Career In FinTech?

‘Fintech’ has become a buzzword today, but have you ever wondered the great potential the industry carries with it ? There are defined roles for product managers at FinTech firms

Actuarial Science In A Nutshell- Salary, Jobs, Exams, Eligibility, Steps & More

Diving into the actuarial profession is a big decision not only because it is a highly rewarding career but also because it requires persistence and hard work from your end.

Kounsel 1-on-1 Mentorship and Career Coaching

"I wish I had a good mentor when I was younger."

MBAs Who Followed The Unconventional Paths And Led By Examples

Whenever it’s asked, “Why MBA?” no matter what answer we provide, somewhere down the line, the hidden answer is a job or quest for a better life! We have read

To Change Or Not To Change | Ft. Subha Chandrasekaran, XLRI Alum, ex-Citibank and Founder of RainKraft Creative

To change or not to change? A dilemma every MBA aspirant, MBA student and an employee has to face. For aspirants, it’s pursuing a masters in the same field or

A Marketing Manager's Journey To Amazon Prime, Seattle, USA | Ft. Pallavi Mishra, SCMHRD Alumni

Working in one of the FANG (Facebook Amazon Netflix Google) companies is the dream of every aspiring marketer who is studying Marketing in B-school. In today’s article, we bring you

What Does A Brand Manager Do - Ft. Colgate Palmolive

Who is a Brand Manager? What does a Brand Manager do? Is it is a sales role or marketing role? These are some of the questions every MBA Marketing student