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Careers after MBA

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Careers In E- Commerce: Roles, Skills, Courses & Future

Have you seen the rise of eCommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart and wondered what opportunities lie ahead there for you? Thought of what roles there are and could be

A Consultant’s Honest Review On Working With McKinsey, BCG, Bain | Careers After MBA With Akshay

Which are the top Consulting companies that come to hire on the IIM campus? How many roles do they offer at these campuses? What is the difference between working with

Your Guide To Operations & Supply Chain Careers Post MBA

Operations management. One of the most affected domains during this pandemic. If you’re planning to specialize with an MBA in Operations Management, you’re entering an industry that has evolved significantly

Meet Top Women Industry Leaders & Get Personalized Career Guidance | #SheInspiresMe

At InsideIIM, we believe that one day isn’t enough to celebrate women which is why we present #SheInspiresMe Women’s Month — an entire month dedicated to women.

Consulting Career Paths Open To You Post MBA

One of the most glamorous job roles post MBA for many students? Consulting! While cracking a consulting role ain’t easy, wanting to be a consultant is something a lot of

Offline & Online Retail | A Live Case Study Discussion Ft. Nishiggandha Kerure, Brand Manager, Nykaa, Ex-L’Oréal

What does it take to set up and grow an online vs offline retail business in the country? For guiding us through this, in this webinar, we are looking forward

Be The Coach You Wish You Had

“Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.” – Alan Moore

MBAs Who Followed The Unconventional Paths And Led By Examples

Whenever it’s asked, “Why MBA?” no matter what answer we provide, somewhere down the line, the hidden answer is a job or quest for a better life! We have read