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Life As A Consultant At BCG India - Seema Bansal, Director - Social Impact Practice & IIM C Alum

"Who says there is no work-life balance in Consulting?" Seema Bansal, Director At BCG debunks this myth and how!“BCG looks for people with very high-quality interpersonal skills, empathy, communication skills

My IIT IIM Tag Has No Value When I’m Doing Sales - Saurabh Sengupta - Part 3

‘Main roz ek punctured ego ke saath ghoomta hoon’ - Saurabh Sengupta, IIM Indore & IIT Delhi Alumnus, Ex-VP-Sales @ZomatoAfter quitting his job as an HR Consultant, Saurabh Sengupta, an

I Chose The Wrong Job From My B-School Campus Before I Joined Zomato - Saurabh Sengupta, IIM-I & IIT-D - Part 2

"Mujhsey client key saamney jaakey jee huzoori nahi ho patee hai." - Saurabh Sengupta, IIM Indore & IIT Delhi Alumnus, Ex-VP-Sales, Zomato.Quite often, it may happen that a person may

Job Titles After An MBA - Everything You Need To Know

An MBA is a lot of things for people - a chance to get big bucks, to move up in their careers, to switch their careers, or to simply show

6 Things You Need To Know About Quantity Surveying Career

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Don’t know what a quantity surveyor is? Well, you may worry no more because we have all the answers to your question. Starting

On Career Options After An MBA

An MBA can help you pick the required skill set. What is that skill set? Depends on whatever you want it to be. Your options range from opening a startup

All You Need To Know About Being A Consultant After An MBA

Consulting - One of the most sought-after domains post-MBA is also one of the most enigmatic.What is it that a Consultant really does? What is the career progression like at

All You Need To Know About Being A Product Manager Post-MBA

What is it like to be a product manager, you ask? I would imagine Ravan with his 10 heads, an equal number of arms, each of which are looking at