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CAT 2014: Insights and Revised Cutoffs

Exam day is over. For some of you, the anxiety would have finally evaporated. For the rest, it would be soaring towards a crescendo. We are creating a summary of

The Day Before CAT 2014 - Live Chats on InsideIIM

D-Day is nearly here. Almost one lakh participants will be taking the CAT in the first set of slots on 16th November 2014. The last day is not about frienzied

"Don't start new topics now. Write at most 2 mocks in the next 2 weeks" - ARKS Srinivas on CAT 2014 Strategy

Swamy Kokkiligadda Sir, in second section if I don’t attempt any grammar based questions and going with RC,PJ and LR questions and 2 or 3 attempts in CR. if I

"Attempting around 33 questions with 28-29 answers right should get you 99%ile in both sections" - Hemang Panchmatia CAT Strategy 2014

Shashi Subramaniam Sir, what should be the preparation for the last 2-3 weeks? I am still having some problems in grammar and vocabulary. Can anything be done to improve performance