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An Arts Student's CAT Strategy, Journey To IIM A, Ft. Parul Gupta

Parul Gupta, a Psychology student from Delhi University, decided to pursue an MBA. As a fresher, studying at DU, Parul wrote CAT in 2018 for the first time, scoring a

How To Score 99+ Percentile In The VA-RC Section of CAT 2020 | CAT 2020 VA-RC Tips

CAT 2019 was testament to the fact that regardless of how fluent you may be in the English language and regardless of how many mock tests you may take, there

CAT 2019 97.14 Percentiler's Story Of Cracking CAT

Cracking CAT 2019 is still like a dream for me. It's almost 40 hours the CAT results are out, and still, I can't believe how I cracked it with 97.14%ile. From

CAT 2019 - Analysis By IMS, Career Launcher, 2iim And Hitbullseye

CAT 2019 was a paper with moderate difficulty. CAT takers found the questions in the quant and -DI-LR sections to be lengthy and time consuming, while VA-RC to be tougher

Minimum CAT Score Required To Get Into IIMs Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Indore, Kozhikode

CAT exam 2019 results have been declared!. But this is not the end. The race has just begun. All aspirants (including you) want to score the golden seat of IIMs?

Which B-Schools You Will NOT Get A Call From

CAT 2019 is finally over. Whew! But now the real struggle starts. Because now you’re in the race to get into your dream b-school. B-school applications, preparing for other entrance

A Comprehensive Guide To Attempting CAT Again

You have written the CAT test. You are not happy with your attempt. You are probably contemplating the fact that will even get your desired percentile? Before you let self-doubt

'Stop Preparing' - Golden Rules For CAT 2019 Exam

This is it. We are just a few hours away from the CAT 2019 Exam. It's time to stop preparing! Focus on calming your nerves. Being anxious and nervous about