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IIM Indore Student's Recommended Reading List For CAT Aspirants

With just 10 days left for CAT 2019, it is imperative that the candidates have a repository for the Checklists and Reference Material that can come in handy for their

10 Days To CAT 2019 | Live Webinar With CEO, MBA Group At Career Launcher

It’s T-minus 10 now. Only 10 days to go before CAT 2019 is upon you. Seems like too little time to crack a seemingly difficult entrance exam. So what should

Crucial Exam-Taking Strategies For CAT 2019

Well, November is here and it’s that time of the year when a 20-something is frantically taking one mock after another, fretting about bad scores in VA-RC and sincerely hoping

Five Ways To Ace CAT 2019 In Ten Days

"I am terrible at quant and it's going to be the most difficult section this time", "My verbal isn't that great", "What if LRDI is more difficult than I anticipated?",

6 Stress Free Ways To Ace CAT On First Attempt

CAT is just a couple of weeks away and you will soon be facing one of the country's most competitive b-school exams. You must be sleeping and waking up with

12 Days To CAT 2019 Checklist And Daily Routine | Recommended By Career Launcher

You can maximise scores in few days! Whatever may be the scores and percentiles you have been getting in the Mocks, the last two weeks are going to be crucial

12 Days To CAT 2019 | CAT Preparation With IIM Indore Students - Webinar

12 days. The CAT countdown has begun. All your hard work will bear fruit soon enough. But it’s very important to focus at this time. In fact. It’s crucial that

Winning Attitude To Crack CAT 2019 And Other Stories

Only aptitude is not enough to crack CAT 2019. The right attitude is as important as working on your aptitude to crack CAT 2019. And only a winning attitude can