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Making The Best Of 2 Months To CAT 2022, Ft. FMS Delhi Students

With less than 2 months remaining for D-Day, aspirants look for some quick tips to brush up on their concepts and want to know strategies which can help bring their

Essential Tips You Must Know During Your CAT Prep Journey Ft. Shaney M., FMS Delhi, 99.51%ile

CAT prep journey is one of ups and downs. To sail through it, aspirants should have the right perspective and approach towards the exams which gets built by avoiding and

The Top 4 Strategies To Ace Your QA Mocks - Radhika Mohta, FMS'24, CAT 99.65%iler

It is always said of the QA section, that you can use it to maximize your scores. But that works only when you try multiple strategies in your mocks and

You're Not Competing With 2 Lac People, You're Competing With The Paper - Gaurav Deore, CAT 99.89%ile, IIM Calcutta

Gaurav Deore is a GEM with an ordinary profile and a 3 time CAT aspirant. After scoring 97 and 93 in his first two attempts, he scored 99.89 percentile in

"99.9x Did Not Happen, But IIM C Did!" - CAT Tips By Sambit Mohanty , CAT 99.76%ile, IIM Calcutta

Sambit, who will be joining IIM Calcutta this year for the flagship PGP Program, has finally achieved what he believes would be the best form of security for his mother

3 Test-Taking Strategies to Maximise QA Scores in CAT, Ft. Shaney M., FMS Delhi, 99.51%ile

As CAT 2022 Aspirants are now actively involved in mock taking, they are looking for strategies which would help them improve their attempts and accuracy. To help you with this,

I Felt If I Couldn't Crack CAT, I'd Be A Disappointment To Everyone! Ft. Ambar, 96.69%ile, IIM B '24

Ambar Tayde is an Electronic and Communication Engineer from IIIT Nagpur. Ambar’s life has been full of ups and downs but what sets her apart is that she is a

September Is Most Crucial For CAT Prep, November Only For Revision - Divya Panjwani, CAT 99.41%ile, IIM Calcutta

Divya had 8.8 cgpa in 10th grade, 85% in 12th grade, and 8.67 cgpa in graduation as she finished BBA (Hons.) with a diploma in finance. A four year program