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Most Important Lesson I Learnt From Scoring 40%ile In CAT 2020 | Tips For CAT Exam Retakers

In his last video with InsideIIM, Keshav Kumar Singh, a CAT 2020 40%iler lists out things that are extremely important when you are preparing yourself again. Keshav talks about the

Top 10 Free Online Resources To Help You Crack CAT 2021

Preparing for a high stakes exam like CAT can be expensive which results in you burning tens of thousands of rupees in either coaching classes, buying mock test series and

How To Get Your Confidence Back After Scoring 40%ile In CAT? Ft. Keshav | Vlog Ep 5

In the final chapter of this Vlog series, Keshav Kumar Singh tells us about his failed attempt at CAT and how even after scoring pretty low marks in the test,

I Felt Dejected After Seeing My Terrible CAT Score, Ft. Keshav | Vlog Ep 4

We have brought you the journey of an aspirant Keshav Kumar Singh in the last three episodes, where he shared his experience dealing with different phases of his preparation. From

This Could Be The Reason For Your Failure To Crack CAT, Ft. Keshav, Vlog Ep 3

In one point or the other, this is the phase every aspirant might go through. After a start, things seem to not go anywhere and then comes the decline, because

I Made This Mistake During CAT Prep That You Shouldn’t, Ft. Keshav, Vlog Ep 2

What is the first thing that often crosses your mind when you start something big! For some it's the mammoth task that is ahead that scares them, for a few

How An MBA Aspirant’s Journey Starts From Zero Ft. Keshav | CAT Vlog Ep 1

What happens when you get up one morning and decide you want to crack CAT? Be part of all the cool B-schools, draw heavy paychecks at the end of the