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Technical Questions To Expect As An Engineer In IIMs And Other Top B-Schools Interviews

Disclaimer: I am a civil engineer and I have written this article based on my interview experiences and in Civil engineering context. The points mentioned below are applicable for any

"Are You Sure You'll Be Able To Compete Here?" - My IIM Lucknow Interview Experience

I remember the day I saw my CAT Registration no. in the list of shortlisted students for PI by IIM Lucknow. I couldn't believe myself, and I started dancing in

My IIM Indore Online Interview Experience | Dikshant Yadav IIM I' 22

IIM Indore Interview Experience (Online)Date: 23/04/2020, 2:00 PM

How I Cracked My IIM Interviews | Trishna Nair, IIM B (2020-22)

I am Trishna Nair, a 2018 graduate from IIT Madras. I will be joining IIM Bangalore this year. I also have admits from IIM Calcutta and ISB (through the Early

Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad Resigns From Office - Here's What Led To It | Current Affairs Alert

Interview season is still on and the world continues to churn out current-affair issues every other day. You wake up every morning, pick up a newspaper, scan through the international

Coronavirus And Its Impact On Global Economy : A Possible GD-PI-WAT Topic

If you want to prepare yourself for the interview, then you will have to be aware of things not just in your country but the world too. And in this

NMIMS Selection Process: CD,PI And SoP - A Complete Guide

First of all, congratulations to those who have got a shortlist call from NMIMS. You have passed the first round of MBA admissions. But this is just a start. You

Simulated IIM Lucknow Personal Interview By Students At IIM Lucknow

To aid you in your preparation to make it to one of the crème de la crème institutes of the country, we at IIM Lucknow have created a series of preparation