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Coronavirus And Its Impact On Global Economy : A Possible GD-PI-WAT Topic

If you want to prepare yourself for the interview, then you will have to be aware of things not just in your country but the world too. And in this

NMIMS Selection Process: CD,PI And SoP - A Complete Guide

First of all, congratulations to those who have got a shortlist call from NMIMS. You have passed the first round of MBA admissions. But this is just a start. You

Simulated IIM Lucknow Personal Interview By Students At IIM Lucknow

To aid you in your preparation to make it to one of the crème de la crème institutes of the country, we at IIM Lucknow have created a series of preparation

99.97 Percentiler's Recommended Reading List Of Interview Experiences To Crack IIM Interviews | Part 2

I hope you found Part 1 of this series of the recommended readings useful and to further aid your preparation here goes my list of interview experiences across the various

Demystifying “Tell Me About Yourself” During MBA Interviews

If you are about to appear for PI round of IIMs or any other B-School selection process, this article will certainly give you better perspective o answer the most critical

A Step-by-Step Guide To Case Discussion

Case Study is a type of Group Discussion exercise. A given case (issue/business problem) is discussed in a group to bring out the best solution to the given problem. The

The Ultimate Reading List To Formulate Your Interview Strategy

With the results of almost all important MBA exams out, the next big step is to prepare for the ultimate hurdle between you and your dream b-school-the WAT-GD-PI. While a

Tell Me Something About Yourself! | GDPI Preparation Tips

In most cases, the first question asked in the interview is ‘Tell us something about yourself?’. This is an important question, as the response to this question will set the