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Important Operations Management Concepts For Your MBA Interviews

MBA interviews generally go on for 20-30 minutes. If you are able to show your best during this time, then nothing can stop you from going to your dream b-school. Hence, you need to prepare hard, know your basics and be aware of current affairs if you are opting for

Important HR Concepts You Must Know Before Your MBA Interview

Once you have cleared your GD-WAT round, you are just one step away from your dream to your dream b-school. Your performance in Personal Interview is the ultimate deciding factor which will determine if you are in or out. So, what do you study to prepare yourself, especially, for MBA

Important Finance Concepts You Must Know For Your MBA Interviews

After clearing the GD-WAT round, comes the personal interview round. If you ace that, nothing can stop you from scoring a seat in your dream b-school. And because Personal Interview is the ultimate ‘make it or break it’ round you will have to study extra hard, especially, for if you

Possible Ban On Fairness Cream Ads | Its Effect On Market, Advertising And Society | GD-PI Topic

Performing well in GD-PI-WAT round is a sure-shot way to get into your favourite b-school. And do you know what drives a good percentage of these preliminary rounds? It’s the knowledge of the things happening around the world and around you. Current affairs are an important part of GD-PI-WAT round