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Top 8 HR Online Courses To Pursue During The Lockdown

Coronavirus (CoVID19) induced lockdown! A state of being that has kept us feeling uncertain, uncomfortable and isolated for quite a few days now. With b-schools and offices being closed, GD-WAT-PIs, internships, and jobs are delayed indefinitely. While the situation may look grim for most b-schoolers and aspirants, it's also an

How Online B-School Interviews Can Affect Your Admission | In The Midst Of CoVID19

B-Schools all over the world, including India, are racing to adapt their program and admission processes amidst the CoVID 19 pandemic. While some business schools have shut their doors, for now, others are planning to switch to online alternatives. IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, and NITIE Mumbai have already started communicating

The Economic Impact of India Being Declared A 'Developed Nation' | Important GD-PI-WAT Topic

While the interview processes for various business schools may be different, what interview panels are looking for in a candidate is nearly identical - academic prowess, high EQ, and strong general awareness. The ideal candidate must have the knowledge and keen interest in what’s happening in India and across the

To Take A Gap Or Not | A CAT Taker's Conundrum

Why do people take a gap year? One of the most obvious reasons for an MBA aspirant would be prep. However, a ‘gap year’ is also a double-edged sword. For some, a gap year can mean “intense prep that bears fruitful results”, for others it could be “a year missed