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The Reality of Becoming One of India's Youngest CEOs Ft. Radhika Gupta, MD & CEO, Edelweiss AMC

“You are getting good in life but you have to constantly up yourself again”, this is an excerpt from the conversation we recently had with Radhika Gupta, MD & CEO,

How To Get To Rs 5 Crore Salary? Ft. Tarun Anand, Universal Business School

What does it take to be a CEO of a company that has its global footprints? How do you make it big in a market that is re-defining itself every

3 Things To Make it Big in America | From US Military To Becoming A CEO Ft. Dr. Ram P. Ramcharran

The courage to reinvent oneself, over and over again, is a trait of a very few founders, which differentiates them from being excellent to exceptional. Dr. Ram P. Ramcharran is

As An Investment Banker At Goldman Sachs, I Felt I Was Not Solving Problems, Ft. Preethi K, Ex a16z

Imagine a career trajectory where you start your journey as an investment banker at one of the most coveted companies like Goldman Sachs and then decide to opt for a

From Being A Consultant At McKinsey To Being CEO At Sportz Interactive, Ft. Arvind Iyenger, Ex ESPN

Imagine getting a hefty pay package as a consultant at McKinsey and then deciding to join one of the major sporting channels ESPN at almost a 80% pay cut! That's

From Playing Tennis Internationally To Managing Sports | Mustafa Ghouse, CEO, JSW Sports

Imagine playing Tennis at an international level when you’re only 22. Imagine having a decade long professional tennis career, and then moving on to becoming a sports manager at one

From An Unknown B School To Founding Terribly Tiny Tales Ft. Anuj Gosalia, CEO, TTT

Not all successful founders are from the prestigious B-schools. Some start their journey from little to completely unknown institutes and some don’t even get closer to the management school gates.

Founders Of Top 100 Upcoming Startups In India - How Many Did An MBA?

The Indian start-up ecosystem in India has boomed ever since the explosion of the dotcom era, with the launch of Rediff.com and Shaadi.com. In 2007, the pioneers of potential decacorn