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Founders Of Top 100 Upcoming Startups In India - How Many Did An MBA?

The Indian start-up ecosystem in India has boomed ever since the explosion of the dotcom era, with the launch of Rediff.com and Shaadi.com. In 2007, the pioneers of potential decacorn

The CEO Who Inspires Me - Indra Nooyi

CEO. This 3 lettered acronym holds a myriad of emotions- be it power, respect, revolution or just some inspiration. In the world of business, we see people holding such positions

CEOs Of Top 100 Companies Of India - How Many Did An MBA?

The Fortune 500 Companies is an annual list of the top 500 companies, collated and published by the Fortune magazine since 1955. It is a matter of great pride for

4 Qualities of Successful CEOs That Every Student Can Learn From

As a student, it’s always good to have people to look up to and take inspiration from. No matter which subject you are studying, CEOs of successful companies make awesome

A Year, Full Of Departures In The Corporate World

Yet another year is on the verge of disappearing and we’re almost all set to welcome the new year 2018 with explosion and bash. While I set the plot for

4 Secret Sauces Of The CEO Factory - JBIMS Mumbai

Mr. Ajay Piramal, Mr. Harish Manwani, Ms. Vinita Bali, Mr. Nitin Paranjpe, Mr. Noshir Kaka, Mr. Sam Balsara, Mr. Uday Kotak, Mr. Siddharth Roy Kapur, the list is endless... Industry

Have You Really Added Value?

CEOs are measured on outcomes and what the company has achieved under their leadership. Subjectively saying that a company has done well or that a CEO has performed well has no

The Question Of CEO Culpability - Views From Prabhakar

John Stumpf got added to the list of CEOs over the last year who have pleaded to ignorance to scams happening in their organisations right under their nose. Showing that