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The Top Banking And Finance Companies That IIM ABCLIK And ISB Graduates End Up At

For all MBA stakeholders - MBA aspirants, students and alumni - it is very interesting to track where graduates of top business schools are working today. In the Alumni Report

Sixty Days Of Summer - Internship Experience At Citi

Summer Internship is often the gateway to the world of corporate for many MBA students, to associate with top brands of the world and to be a part of the

The Citi 'Impressions' That Shall Last Long - Megha Rao's Internship Experience At Citi

‘Impressions’, the Summer Internship Program at Citi India, began on the 3rd of April, 2017, with the one day Induction Program at Sofitel Hotel, BKC, wherein the Heads of various

Internship at Citibank in Operations

As Delhi reels in the heat, with a look towards the sky with the hope of monsoons, for its people, the summers are not yet over. But if you ask

The Interiors of an Internship - Experience with Citi (Operations & Technology)

Looks like I waited long for this opportunity to come along; an opportunity to exactly make an online record of my “internship experience with Citi”, because I have searched the