The Top Banking And Finance Companies That IIM ABCLIK And ISB Graduates End Up At



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Meet Professor Rahul Mukerjee - Professor of The Year At IIM Calcutta

This year, MBA students at IIM Calcutta have voted Professor Rahul Mukerjee as their 'InsideIIM Professor of The Year'! Prof. Mukerjee, who teaches Statistics at IIM Calcutta, is one of

3 Errors In Your CV That Will Get You Rejected By McKinsey, BCG, Bain | Crucial CV Tips From A Consultant

A CV is one of the most crucial components of any job interview; that one piece of paper is a gateway for a recruiter to understand your professional background and

CAT 2021 Preparation Strategies From Akshita | 99.87%ile, IIM Ahmedabad

A year ago, I was one among the numerous aspirants of Common Admission Test - CAT as we popularly know it. Now, I have final admits from IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore,

My Journey To IIM Indore | Ft. Sonalee Shriya Dubey

“One would normally expect to be thrilled upon getting an admission offer from an esteemed B-School, but the choice became a conundrum for me. When I was initially offered a

Highest Salary At 22.8 LPA At IIM Rohtak | More Positive Cases Reported At IIMs | MBA News Ep 46

The past week was filled with some interesting updates from the world of MBA, recruitment, and business. Despite the pandemic, IIM Rohtak witnessed a massive 75% increase in participation from

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