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Blooming Careers In Finance - The Silver Lining Of The Pandemic Ft. K J Somaiya Institute of Management

Are you looking to specialise in Finance but aren’t sure how the pandemic has impacted the sector and how its future would be? This live webinar is an exclusive opportunity

Revealed: The Top 5 Domains And Sectors IIM ABC Students Want To Work In

When mapping out their careers, one of the most important elements to consider for MBA students is what sector and domain they'd like to start their management careers in. This

How Fintech and Data Analytics is going to change the world of Finance forever? Ft. GIM Goa

A mere click and you can transfer hundreds of thousands of your hard-earned money without even seeing the person at the other end! Companies after companies are starting their own

Why Should You Consider A Career In Corporate Finance & How To Build One?

A career in corporate finance means one would work for the organization to help generate and meet its capital requirements, utilizing these resources optimally to allow organic and inorganic growth

Pathbreakers – The Many Roads to Finance Ft. IFMR Graduate School of Business

In today’s business driven world, finance is considered to be one of the most relevant, sought-after fields of specialisation. The finance industry offers a diverse range of career options to

For A Successful Career In Finance, Be Future Ready, Ft. Prof. D N Panigrahi, GIM Goa

What are some of the trends that you need to keep in mind if you have Finance in mind for your career going forward? Where should you invest your time

Why Learning Finance From Industry Professionals Is Crucial In Times Like These? Ft. GIM Goa

At a time when the digital transformation is at a rapid pace, understanding the ever-changing industry and preparing for the future is extremely important. The Finance world is also undergoing

Your Door To A High Paying Career In Finance | InsideIIM’s Certificate Program In Corporate Finance With SDA Bocconi

Did you think how Facebook decided to acquire Whatsapp for a whopping $16 billion? Or how Reliance Jio is on a shopping spree, having bought more than 20 firms in