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How To Build A Shortlist Ready Resume | Placement Prep

When you’re an MBA student, placement season is never too far. And if you’re hoping to get into b-school soon, you bet that summer placements will knock on your doorstep

Final Placements Preparation For Finance

You are about to fulfil your MBA dream and start a new journey towards securing a job in your dream company. Because let’s face it, that is probably the road

The Restructuring Of Kodak | Aliensplained - Learning IRL By ABGLP

Finance is evergreen. Are you aspiring towards a career in finance? Do you want to rake in the moolah, as they say? Is it your dream to become and investment

5 Careers Options After An MBA In Finance

An MBA in Finance is a worthwhile endeavour. However, as education by itself, it could seem incomplete when it is time for you to think about your career option post-MBA.

Are You A Fin God? Prove It | Learning IRL By ABGLP

Do you think a career in the BFSI sector is worthwhile? Do you want to work in the high paying world of investment banking? Do you see yourself working with

All You Need To Know About Finance Roles After An MBA

Investment banking is pretty cool right?! But it's not the only career open to you in finance. There are many interesting roles you can work in, with your MBA in

Ace Your Finance Internship Interviews - Here's How

Just got into b-school and it’s already placement season. Worried about cracking your finance internship interviews? Curious about the different roles in the finance sector? Wondering what are the basics

Stock Trading Is For Income, Not Wealth Generation - Hrishabh Sanghvi, Edelweiss, Citibank, IIM L

Hrishabh Sanghvi, Founder - Arque Tech, Co-Founder Rodeo Travel Technologies, Ex-Edelweiss, Ex-Citibank, IIM Lucknow, talks in-depth about machine learning and algo-trading, and how these work. He gives us a peek