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The Basics Of Investment That Scam 1992 Didn't Teach You, Ft. CA Shakshi S, SPJIMR

Learning to invest is like learning to speak a new language. Many people find investing and personal finance confusing because of the difficult and jargon heavy terminologies used. We all

What Makes FinTech One Of The Hottest Sectors To Work In?

Have you ever dreamt of working in an industry which will triple its market valuation to USD 150 billion in the next 5 years? If you have your eyes set

Certified Financial Planner Certification - Exam Pattern, Eligibility, Fees, Jobs & Careers

Internationally recognized and considered among best certifications for financial planning training, the Certified Financial Planner or CFP is a must do for those wanting to build a career in financial

Want To Learn The A To Z Of Finance From C-Suite Execs & Investment Bankers?

The world of Finance has changed rapidly, especially in this last decade; from doing big transactions at your fingertips within minutes to businesses using blockchain technology, open APIs, cryptocurrency, and

Why This Multi Crore Industry Is Failing in India? | Business Case Study

It's the end of the month and you really want to take your boyfriend or girlfriend to that long awaited date. And suddenly you realize that your bank account is

5 Most Preferred Domains And Sectors IIM Grads Want To Work In

Choosing which domain to start their respective careers in becomes a decision that a lot of students struggle with. There are pros and cons associated with each of the domains

Which Top Banks Do IIM ABC, ISB, XLRI, FMS Alumni End Up At?

Finance roles are some of the most desirable roles at a b-school campus, with many top banks and even multi-lateral organisations offering coveted roles to MBA graduates. So, of the

How To Prepare For A Finance Profile In A B-School

Year after year, finance is one of the most sought-after roles on any campus! It continues to remains in the top three preferred domains across B-schools in India. Let us