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Colgate Palmolive

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How To Crack HUL & Colgate Palmolive | Prep Secrets By Niharika, IIM Lucknow Alum

Preparation is an important component to success. One often focuses on the results and plans for it but the truth is one can plan all they want but if they

What Does A Brand Manager Do - Ft. Colgate Palmolive

Who is a Brand Manager? What does a Brand Manager do? Is it is a sales role or marketing role? These are some of the questions every MBA Marketing student

In Conversation With IIM Kozhikode Gold Medallist - Avijeet Tulsiani

Around 2 Lac apply to IIMs every year. Around 370 odd students are selected by IIM Kozhikode. Only 1 Gold Medalist emerges. In conversation with us today, we have Mr.

Team Dy-NM-ite From NMIMS Mumbai - National Runners Up At Colgate Transcend Shares Their Experience

It is said, “Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” That is exactly what Colgate Transcend instilled deeply in us, apart from the technical

My Summer Internship Experience At Colgate Palmolive - Ayush From IIM Lucknow

For a guy who has lived at more than 12 places in his life , this internship added yet another feather in his cap . I visited 8 cities in