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Consulting Salary Trends | Bain Tops The List With INR 73 LPA - Upper Salary Limit!

Consulting continues to be a dream job for many. Despite the fact that it's regarded as being demanding, the glamor, stature, and benefits linked to the position make it one

How Picky Are Consulting Firms With Candidate CVs & How Can You Sneak In?

We're not here to tell you that a CV is crucial for Consulting roles as it is a known fact. However, the aim here is to emphasize its importance. Over

Know Everything About The Consulting World (Part 1) | CareerPedia Ep. 1

Consulting is the business of giving expert advice to other professionals. Managers need to be proficient in certain specific skills to do well in their careers as Consultants. But, what

How To Ace Your Consulting Summer Placement Interviews

In this live session, we will discuss how to prepare for a consulting role during the upcoming Summer Placement season. We will answer questions on what the top consulting firms

When I Joined BCG, I Was Sure I Was Going To Leave It | Ft. Shatakshi Sharma, Ex- BCG | ISB

We have Shatakshi Sharma in this video who went through ISB and is a former BCG consultant. Her journey started when she was just 21 years old studying at St.

Future Of Consulting Careers: Should You Be Worried? Ft. Sandeep Das

Sandeep Das, who has been a consultant himself for years, tells you about the changing world of consulting and the careers around it in this video. Sandeep talks about the

Top 15 Consulting Firms In India That MBA Students Want To Work With

Throw a stick into a crowd of students at an IIM and, chances are, it'll land on someone who is deeply inclined towards a career in Consulting. Through studies conducted

Is Consulting Actually Glamorous? | Inside McKinsey & Co.

Do you wanna work in Consulting? Earn big bucks, travel the world, work on different projects across industries, work directly with CEOs & CXOs of the world’s biggest companies? If