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The Consulting Conundrum

There are some experiences in one’s college life that change you for the better, make you stronger and equip you for the real world beyond the gates of a college

How I Got A PPO From Deloitte

For the Deloitte process, there was an eligibility of more than 24-month work experience. Deloitte visits our campus during the month of September for their Functional Consulting role which requires

My Internship Experience At Ernst And Young

The day was 22nd January 2019, and my God I cannot forget this date anytime soon. After pulling an all-nighter I was sleeping in my room that morning and a

How To Find A Job In Consulting - Tejas Dave, Consultant - IIM B Alum - Part 3

In this video, Tejas Dave, Consultant - McKinsey & Co., Ex-Entrepreneur, IIM B answers various questions about consulting and entrepreneurship. He talks about ways to find a job in consulting,

On The Journey To SDA Bocconi Milan, And Building A Career In Consulting Post-MBA

Imagine you’re a GEM (general engineering male) candidate (no pun intended), with non-corporate work experience, and 2 failed startups under your belt. What would you do next? Sanidhya Jain decided

IIM Indore Student's Summer Internship Experience At BCG And Journey To A PPO

Every B-school student's dream is to convert their Summer Internship into a Pre-Placement Offer - an opportunity to work with their dream company. This dream came true for Simran Ahluwalia,

How I Cracked The BCG Summer Internship Interview - Simran Ahluwalia, IIM Indore, BCG PPO Holder

Consulting, at some of India's top B-school campuses, is the most sought-after domain, owing to the steep learning curve and high packages offered by marquee firms. In this highly detailed

Reflecting On Two Memorable Months Of Summer Internship At A Consulting Firm

“Sell your senior”, they call it. I got a very funny submission for this task from one of these juniors and I planned to meet him. He was almost as