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The 2008 Crisis Killed My Career. Here’s How I Turned It Around - Sandeep Das, PwC, IIM B, INSEAD

For many, the ongoing global pandemic was a disaster. Some lost their jobs, some missed their opportunities, some deferred their education keeping in mind the turbulent times and some didn’t

Acing Consulting Interviews: The Complete Guide

If you're looking for a consulting job, you already know which form of an interview to expect: a case interview. A case interview is a type of interview in which

How BCG & AltUni By InsideIIM Are Contributing To Transgender Equity

It’s been more than 7 years since the historic Supreme Court judgement that declared transgender people the 'third gender' and affirmed that the fundamental rights will be equally applicable to

Which Consulting Firms Do IIM A, B, C & ISB Alumni Work At?

A majority of B-school aspirants want to end up getting a high paying salary and a lifestyle that justifies their hard work and money spent over the course of two

Consulting Career: Why & Why Not To Get Into It? | Riya Chhabra, Facebook, ex-McKinsey, INSEAD Alum

Time and again, with our research within the InsideIIM community and outside, we’ve observed that Consulting is one of the most preferred career options for MBA students and graduates. It

What Do Consultants Really Do? | Skills Needed, Career Progression, Jobs & Salaries In Consulting

Consulting is one of the most sought after domains post MBA. Many students and professionals alike dream of securing a role with the top consulting firms of the world. Yet,

The Ultimate Guide To Management Consulting After MBA | Career Guide For Aspiring Consultants

There are few roles that are more glamourous and exciting than Management Consulting. Add the hefty paycheck that a Consulting job offers, and it becomes clear why Consulting is the

How To Get A PPO From McKinsey & Company? Ft. Gautam Shah

Gautam is a Junior Associate at McKinsey & Company, where he secured a pre-placement offer after his summer internship in 2020. He completed his MBA at IIM Lucknow, where he majored