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IIM Tag Matters Only In The First Few Years Of Your Career - Harshil & Anusha, Flipkart & IIM Alumni - Part 3

In this video featuring Harshil Adesara and Anusha Jayanti, both PMs at Flipkart, get answers to your common questions about product management.Harshil Adesara, Senior Product Manager at Flipkart, Ex Intuit,

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A PlaceCommer In A B-School

Disclaimer: The author of this article, who is a current student at a top IIM, has requested anonymity for reasons personal to her.If you’re a B-school student, a convert or an

A Letter To My B-School Lover

This one is a story of from one of the topmost b-schools based in Mumbai, and while such stories may be true on any campus, but I want to share

B-School - The Litmus Test Of Long-Distance Love

“You’re crazy if you think this will work.”“Focus on your career. Relationships will come and go.”“They could cheat on you, you know?”“You won’t even have the time to sleep, let

Long Distance Relationship In The Time Of An MBA - Her Story - InsideIIM Short Story Corner

(This is an extension of the first part: (Love lasts forever), so please read it before you proceed.)“What work do you have in this place-comm thing? What makes you spend

Love Lasts Forever? - Long Distance Relationship In The Time Of An MBA - InsideIIM Short Story Corner

"Pick up the phone, please pick up the phone."He kept talking to the ringing melody on the other end. And then a busy tone followed for the 10th time. Or

What I Talk About When I Talk About Love

Calling Out To All You Lovers, And Hopeless Romantics,Butterflies. Yes, as cliched as it sounds it all comes down to butterflies in your stomach. Do you feel something fluttering in

2 States – Fiasco Encore - Experience Professional Love In A B-School

"She was hot. He was hunky. Both were young and available to be taken."The two protagonists of this story have least in common – different countries, antipodean holy places, specializations