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Top-Down Vs Bottom-Up Approach Of Investing - Finance With Chinmay

Many new investors entering into stock markets have a common question – What approach should I have? Should I start with a ‘big picture’ i.e. economy, GDP growth rates, interest

Mutual Funds Or Fixed Deposits: Which Investment should You Choose

Choosing the right investment vehicle is probably one of the toughest financial decisions you’ll ever make. However, you can ease your dilemma by understanding your financial requirements and standing.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Investing - Finance With Chinmay

Amateur investors lose their money as they invest based on hunches, tips & calls provided by brokers, internet articles or just because of the herd behaviour. This results in unavoidable

4 Hacks To Make You Rich

Well, earning is not the only way to stack that cash! Investing and saving wisely is what will make you rich. There is so much information all over print and

What Is Good Debt And Bad Debt And How To Manage It

Being able to borrow too much allowed many of us to make bad decisions - decisions that led to painful consequences. While debt can help us build assets and achieve

Where To Invest (Alternative Investments) - Finance With Chinmay

After posting my last article on financial literacy (link), I received a lot of feedback and queries from the people that they are somewhat aware of traditional investment avenues and

When The Literate Act Illiterate - Finance With Chinmay

Being an independent financial advisor, I have met hundreds of people to manage their finances. Most of them are either graduates or postgraduates in engineering, science or commerce. Being highly

"To succeed you need to be a smart worker, not just a hard worker" - Interview with Ankur Bansal - Vice-President, BlackSoil

Kala Krishnan recently spoke to Ankur Bansal about investment banking and financial advisory,  skills needed to succeed in this industry and the future of boutique financial advisory firms in India