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On Getting A PPO From GE - Shreya Kumar, SCMHRD Pune

An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage”, said one of the most revered CEOs of his generation, Jack Welch- former

An Experience Too Good To Be 'Imagined At Work' At GE

When the idea to write this piece struck me, my mind immediately began to race as I thought of everything I could share from what I have learned in the

Decoding GEnius : An HR Sojourn At GE Digital

1st June 2018. It was when this riveting journey of 8 weeks reached its official ending. The HR leader for GE Digital India had arranged a small farewell meet-up for

InsideIIM Recruitment Survey Results – Part V - Most Preferred General Management Roles and Dream Companies!

This is the fifth and the final part of the InsideIIM Recruitment Survey Results. We look at the idea of Dream companies here.