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The Zomato-Uber Eats Deal Explained | Eating Your Way Through GD-PI Prep

With OYO layoffs, the whole matter of WeWork and SoftBank, the world of startups it seems, is seeing a shift in perspective. While getting funding and hacking growth was a

The US-China Trade War Explained | MBA GD-PI-WAT Prep

MBA admissions season is now on! Now that the results of CAT, XAT, SNAP and other entrance exams are out, GD-PI-WAT rounds are about to start. And this GD-PI-WAT season,

Why Should India Be Friends With Its Neighbours?

Did you know that if the Earth's whole history was compressed into a 24-hour clock, humans would have existed for only 77 seconds? From the day the ancient humans were

Article 370 And Article 35A - All You Need To Know

Preparing for WAT-GD-PI rounds, now that CAT results are out? Here’s what you can do to sharpen your prep. Learn about as many current affairs and world issues as you

Opting Out Of RCEP - Does India Need To Rethink Its Decision? [2/2]

This is the 2nd article on RCEP. If you haven't read the first one, please go through it here.

IIM Calcutta Student Explains Nifty And Sensex - WAT-PI Preparation

A stock market is a virtual place where you can sell or buy shares of companies. And an index is basically an indicator which gives us a general idea about

Capital Punishment, Should It Be Abolished Or Not?

The issue of capital punishment is a hot potato. This article is written to prepare you for the GDs and interviews. Here are some points that you can produce in

Opting Out Of RCEP - Does India Need To Rethink Its Decision?

Trade deals tend to continue for a long time and remain unfinished. The division of labor by Adam Smith and the theory of comparative advantage of trade between nations by