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Opting Out Of RCEP - Does India Need To Rethink Its Decision? [2/2]

This is the 2nd article on RCEP. If you haven't read the first one, please go through it here.

IIM Calcutta Student Explains Nifty And Sensex - WAT-PI Preparation

A stock market is a virtual place where you can sell or buy shares of companies. And an index is basically an indicator which gives us a general idea about

Capital Punishment, Should It Be Abolished Or Not?

The issue of capital punishment is a hot potato. This article is written to prepare you for the GDs and interviews. Here are some points that you can produce in

Opting Out Of RCEP - Does India Need To Rethink Its Decision?

Trade deals tend to continue for a long time and remain unfinished. The division of labor by Adam Smith and the theory of comparative advantage of trade between nations by

Strategies To Crack XAT By XAT 99.139 Percentiler

XAT is an exam known for its formidable Quantitative aptitude and calculative Data Interpretation Sets. As a non-engineer myself, I faced the same situation and to be honest, XAT seemed

How To Tackle G.K Section In IIFT Exam?

One of the defining features of the IIFT earns that sets it apart from other competitive exams and also makes it one of the most difficult ones to crack is

Currency Circulation In India - A Quick Guide

Bank notes made their appearance in India towards the end of the 18th Century. Before that coins and barter system were most prominent.

Four Simple Steps To Cracking IIM WATs

In continuation of my article on Cracking IIM interviews, this article aims to give you an edge over the 20 thousand odd candidates who will be writing WAT alongside you.