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Strategies To Crack XAT By XAT 99.139 Percentiler

XAT is an exam known for its formidable Quantitative aptitude and calculative Data Interpretation Sets. As a non-engineer myself, I faced the same situation and to be honest, XAT seemed

TISS Campus Visit, XAT - What To Expect And More | Ft. HUL, TATA Steel, GIM

The b-school entrance exam saga ain’t over yet. Which means you need to brush up on some basics, get some general GD-PI prep at the same time and get your

Venezuela's Oily Hyperinflation Story | Case Study - Learning IRL By ABGLP

Imagine this: you the common man or woman, is struggling to buy daily rations and 2 meals a day. Everything from soaps, to the internet seem out of your financial

5 Ways To Effectively Prepare For GK Section

‘Always keep yourself updated with the happenings around you’. This is something that we have heard and were told to follow since our school days. If you were not told

One Stop GK Guide - Static GK - Awards For Films

The first Indian film released in India was Shree Pundalik a silent film in Marathi by Dadasaheb Torne on 18 May 1912 at 'Coronation Cinematograph', Bombay.

General Knowledge For Companies And Brands – Static GK

Here's a quick question: Is Cadbury a parent company or a subsidiary?

One Stop GK Guide - Static GK - Politics

India is a federal parliamentary democratic republic. The President is the head of state and the Prime Minister is the head of the central government.

The Ultimate Resource Guide For GK And Current Affairs

General Knowledge and Current Affair are integral parts of entrance exams like XAT and TISSNET. There are hundreds of sources in different forms to gain knowledge about the world. Many