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MBA Stories Of A YouTuber, A Rugby Player, And A Filmmaker

Can Managers Have An Artistic Edge?-------------------------------------------------------------What do an international level rugby player, a professional dancer and a documentary filmmaker have in common? They’re all managers in their own right. Now,

Overcoming Challenges Freshers Face At A B-School

B school life can be very stressful for some. At times, students can feel overwhelmed with their projects, classes and all the other added responsibilities that come with their life

How MBA Students Are Taking Classroom Learning And Problem Solving To The Next Level

What if you could take up live projects during your MBA? Don't you think that’s a better way to learn and gain real experience? With Industry 4.0, the industry landscape

Skills MBA Students Need To Be Job-Ready

Technology is changing the world, and with the change come new profiles requiring newer skill sets. In industry 4.0, it isn’t about being a generalist or a specialist, but an