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IITs Vs New IIMs For MBA - Quick Facts

‘Indian Institute of Management’ and ‘Indian Institute of Technology’—these are the two most eminent tags of the country, which every student wants to add along with his or her name

The MBA Transition - IIM After IIT

As I set out on a journey of reflecting upon the plethora of twists and turns life has presented throughout, an oft-quoted dictum reverberates at the back of my mind,

"Ten Reasons For Choosing MBA In IITs"- Ibrahim Katthawala, SJMSOM, IIT Bombay

Aunty: “Beta, what are you currently doing?”Me: “I am pursuing my MBA from IIT Bombay”Aunty: “MBA from IIT, but waha to khaali engineering hoti h na”Me:Barring the occasional taunts from

Brand IIT And IIM Has Been Diluted - GD Monday

Welcome to yet another week of GD Monday!To view and comment on previous weeks' GD Mondays, please click here.There is a specific kind of an awe that one experiences when