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How I Bagged The Google AI Fellowship In California, Ft. Archit Sharma, B.Tech, IIT Kanpur

Meet Archit Sharma, who got into the Google AI Residency Fellowship with no work-ex in 2018 and has been a fellow for over two years. He graduated with a B.Tech

My Friends, My Motivation And My Journey: CAT 2019 | Ajay Mohan

As the batch of 2022 gears up to start a new phase of their life in these unprecedented times, it is a bittersweet feeling that we have to meet all

Journey From Analyst In Cognizant To MBA Program At IIT Kanpur | Kunal Jaiswal

I graduated from BIT Mesra in 2016 and got a chance to work in Cognizant as an Analyst in the QEA CRM  Department. During my experience in the corporate industry,

Prabandhan - A Fest Of #MBAIITKanpur

It is a known fact that IIT Kanpur is renowned for its humongous fests like Antaragni, Techkriti, and Udghosh. Still, among all these classics, there is a relatively new but

My Two Month Summer Internship Stint With BPCL

It was scorching 45 degrees on 6th May 2019 when I reported at Bharat Petroleum’s (BPCL) depot at Mathura Oil Refinery, Mathura for my Summer Internship. After reporting to the

*Divided We Fall* #MBAIITKANPUR

I cannot help but notice the lascivious gaze of men following the opposite gender passing by them, the preposterous advancements being made and derogatory remarks being passed. Am I astonished?

What The Government Is Missing In The Farmers' 2022 Plan

In 2018 the Government has set a target to double farmers' income by the year 2022. To achieve this, it means that the income of farmers should grow at a

Learning Management In Personal And Professional Life

I’ve been organizing table tennis tournaments in school time among the clubs in the district as a part of organizing a committee for up to 150 contestants. There I understood