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IIT Roorkee DoMS: Campus Life, Placements, Fees, Selection Process, RoI & More | Know Your Campus

In this episode of Know Your Campus, we have students of IIT Roorkee Department of Management Studies talking about their campus life, how IIT Roorkee is not just about ‘BTech’

People Said My Career Is Going Down The Toilet When I Joined Kohler Ft. Salil S, Ex-Gillette, Timex

“If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.” this proverb perfectly suits our speaker’s career path trajectory. Where he started with an Advertising Agency and took up various challenging

'From Majestic Building To Finding Partners For Everything' - Mayank Ojha's Journey To DoMS IIT Roorkee

“Fill these and submit them to counter number 12.”; a lady handing me an envelope brought me out of the mesmerized state I was in, while imagining myself in this

2 Friends, IIT Roorkee And 99 Percentile

Every management aspirant dreams of getting 99 percentile in CAT, one of the most coveted management exams in India. However, only a handful of people realizes this dream.